Partnership with James Leighty Opens New Horizons for Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc.

Milford, PA – The Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. firm has announced a new relationship with long established pillar of the local building community, James Leighty. A custom builder and remodeler since 1975, Leighty brings to the table his high quality design skills and supreme attention to detail along with a dedication to customers’ visions. These same characteristics which he built his reputation upon as James Leighty Construction, Inc., are also those that had made him a worthy competitor to Nikles for many years. This creative merger now offers customers an even greater potential to realize their building and remodeling dreams.

The union of Leighty with the Nikles team is, in Leighty’s own words, “a good marriage,” owing to their similar values, a mutual respect for the customer, and a yearning to produce a quality project for the appropriate price. The refusal to compromise quality in terms of supplies or craftsmanship has been a long-standing matter of pride for all parties involved. To each of them, it is never a consideration to take the lowest bid if it is going to ultimately compromise the integrity of the final product. Only the best materials are considered for their use and similarly only the best trade contractors are utilized to complete each project.

James Leighty joins Ed Nikles Sr., who started building in 1963 and welcomed his own son, Ed Nikles Jr., to the business in 1983. With Leighty alone bringing 40 years of experience from his own prosperous business, the Ed Nikles team can now boast a combined force of 124 years of building and remodeling experience between these three builders. Leighty, in particular, is delighted to now have the freedom to concentrate on the areas of the business that he enjoys most, including the designing of homes from scratch and closely working with clients during the sales process to ensure their complete satisfaction.

The newly combined Nikles and Leighty portfolio of existing house designs offers potential customers a diverse and exciting collection of prospective plans and dwarves anything their competitors could ever offer. Incorporating Leighty and his models into the Ed Nikles’ design portfolio is a seamless process, as Leighty has already embraced, and adhered to, the high standards that customers have come to expect from the Nikles firm. In fact, Leighty’s initial project as a member of Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. is a continuation of his former practice, as he brings a recent design of his own to life under the Ed Nikles banner. Embracing the latest design industry technology of “Datacad 17” and applying their years of experience in their craft, the design team is set for the creation of the perfect dream home for their clients.

For more information on Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., to learn of their services, or to view selections of their work, please visit their website at, or call their office at 1-570-296-9200.

(Photo By Eric Nelson) Featured left to right: Ed Nikles, Sr. and Ed Nikles, Jr.; Front: James Leighty

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