Milford, PA – For a little over a year, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. has been quietly providing select Custom Home and Remodeling clients something no one else in Pike County can….24-hour access to their job. “We searched for Construction Management Software (CMS) for several years, until we found Builder WorkBench,” said Ed Nikles, Jr., “they had the comprehensive, customizable, detail-oriented program we were looking for and more.” Builder WorkBench is a web-based construction management system, for home builders and remodelers, which helps coordinate communications, client selections, project schedule, job site photos, documents, warranty administration & more. The builder, client, and trade contractor access the login through a secure portal on the Ed Nikles’ website. The clients have password protected access to their own job enabling them to see current job progress photos and up-to-date production schedule. Trade contractors have access to ongoing jobs for color selections, plans, schedule and even directions to the job site. The builder has a “Dashboard View” of all current jobs and schedules, so his team can manage multiple jobs simultaneously, on one screen, from anywhere.

“Recently we had a client that had to be out of the country, while we built their home. Even though they were halfway across the world, in a different time zone, they were able to communicate with us, look at daily job site photos taken by our project manager, follow the production schedule, and feel like they were there, while their home was being built.” It makes for a happier, more involved client and allows for a stronger business relationship through collaboration.

Because Builder WorkBench is a web-based system, it can be securely accessed from any location, with any type of MAC, Android, or Windows based computer, tablet or mobile smart phone. We’ve found the typical client logs in twice a day to review progress photos, approve color selections, monitor communications, and view schedule updates all in one organized, convenient location. Our goal is to make it easy for clients to stay connected, while we’re building their home, even if they’re located in another state, or traveling.

Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. is a full-service home and remodeling company that specializes in custom, high-performance, and green home design. In 2008, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. became the 1st builder in Pike County to build a Gold Certified Green Home; since then, Ed Nikles, Jr. has earned the 1st Master Certified Green Professional (Master CGP) designation in Pennsylvania, signifying his in-depth knowledge of green building science and methods. He also recently became the 1st and only Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) in Pennsylvania. With this knowledge, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. offers clients a variety of building and remodeling options to ensure that the homes created are enjoyed for many years to come.

For more information on Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. and their services, please call their office at 1-570-296-9200.

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