How to Move Up without Moving Out

Professional home improvement: from design to finished construction.

The Better Way to a Better Home

Millions of American families will move up to their dream homes this year… without making a change of address. They’ll reshape their environments to enhance their lives … repeating a process as old as time.

Ever since prehistoric man began painting pictures on cave walls, families have sought ways to improve their living quarters. Now, with today’s new generation of building materials, high-performance products and specialty components, you can remake your home to be everything you want. In Comfort. Convenience. Energy efficiency. Function. And style… timeless luxurious style.

Whether you simply want extra space, or extra-special spaces-customized to reflect your own tastes and lifestyle-count on us to design and build for you a better way to live.

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Design… The Genesis

Better living starts with inspired design. And that means our work begins with a blank piece of paper. Perhaps you want to add space -indoors or out-of-doors. Or rearrange the space within your home to achieve a desired effect. Whatever your goals, we translate your ideas into workable living spaces… giving strict attention to traffic patterns, scale, function and aesthetics.

A Smart Design by Ed Nikles is a blueprint for better living.
Your ideas take shape with a push of a button on the state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) system. It’s easy to picture your “new” home in various ways, so you can finalize your design before construction begins.

The Design / Build Advantage

Design concerns itself with your requirements in function and form. We also concern ourselves with your requirements in the area of finance-we won’t design more than your budget can build. Our design ideas-inspired and refined over 59 years of custom building-give you the most improved home for you money. Indeed… entrusting our firm to handle both the design and construction of your home improvement may even save you money.

Here’s how:

  • Design − Our design professionals will work with you to put your dreams on paper.
  • Faster & Flawless − computer-precise, easy-to-follow plans cut construction time and eliminate potential jobsite errors, generating real cost savings.
  • Coordination − every facet of your project from concept through completion, is coordinated by us… so you’ll enjoy maximum improvement with minimum inconvenience.
  • Value − the reputation for excellence that is the hallmark of an Ed Nikles home will be reflected in the superior value of your home improvement.

An addition should not look like one, engaging a firm that offers professional design, as well as quality construction, gives you a pleasing orchestration of proportions and materials, so all elements come together as a unified structure.

Not every Builder is a Remodeler

Remodeling is more complex than new construction. It requires knowledge of how older structures were built. Precision carpentry to match existing lines of floors, ceilings and walls. An artistic eye to blend new with old… to coordinate both materials and style. And a caring attitude toward the customer reflected in: Speedy project completion. A tidy organized job site, and the flexibility to work within the homeowner’s schedule.

“We’ve been schooled to do your home work.”

Edward D. Nikles (Ed Jr.) holds the following 5 Remodeling Designations from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR), Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), Certified Green Professional (CGP), and Master Certified Green Professional (Master CGP). Currently Ed Jr. is the only Graduate Master Remodeler in PA and one of the only 2 Master Certified Green Professionals in PA. Ed Nikles Sr. also holds the CGR and CGP Designations. This keeps them on the top of the building trade and assures superior knowledge and worksmanship.

Whether it’s more space for practical functions… or room to add that special well-deserved luxury feature to your lifestyle… let us recommend ways you can build ‘up’ or build ‘out’ for a bigger, better home that meets your needs and matches your budget.

‘Having your home remodeled is like having someone tailor your clothes while you’re wearing them. “Because it takes special design and construction skills along with a special sensitivity to each customer’s situation, not every builder qualifies as a professional remodeler.’ – Ed Nikles

Remodeling gives you a Double Payback

You live better and you increase your home’s value! Let us show you how much more your home would be worth with a home improvement by Ed Nikles. Improve your lifestyle by calling Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. today.

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