Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. Constructs High Performance Home Earning the Highest Energy Star Rating

Milford, PA – Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., has certified another Gold Level Green Home under the National Green Building Guidelines with their newest custom built home. Built with many new high-performance, energy-efficient technologies, this beautiful home also scored a 5 star + rating under the Energy Star Program and is 46% more efficient than required by code (earning a HERS rating of 54), despite its sprawling 4,800 square feet on three levels.

This new home, built in Pennsylvania, was constructed like all other Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. high performance homes – with energy-efficiency in mind. HERS (Home Energy Rating System) is an energy rating system that involves an analysis of a home’s construction plans and on-site inspections. The standard HERS rating homes, in order to become Energy Star certified is 85, or 15% more energy efficient than code. In other words, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. not only surpassed the minimum requirement, but more than tripled it by obtaining a HERS rating of 46.

In order to create such an efficient home, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. installed a 3-zone hybrid multi-stage heat pump with a high efficiency propane gas back-up; 3 instant hot water heaters strategically located close to the plumbing sources; Pella Architect Series windows; an HRV (heat-recovery ventilator) system that exchanges the air in the house with fresh air; a built-in central dehumidification unit for the lower level of the house, and all Energy Star certified appliances.

It is the energy efficiency plus the proper site planning, use of sustainable materials, water saving plumbing fixtures, and the use of no or low V.O.C. products in the home that enabled them to certify this home as a Gold Level Green Home.

Ed Nikes Custom Builder, Inc. is dedicated to make every home energy-efficient, with “green” home advantages, high-performance technologies, and brand name products. Their unique building processes, including Smart Design (part of their Design/Build Process), make their homes truly unique and customized to fit not only their clients’ needs, but more importantly, their budgets.

For more information regarding Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc.’ s energy-efficient homes, please call (570) 296-9200.

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