Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. Brings the Beauty of Nature into your Home

Milford, PA – One of the many benefits of owning a home in Northeast, PA is the beautiful surrounding environment. From forests and waterfalls, to stunning lakes and unique wildlife, the natural world around us provides a daily escape from everyday life. Now, with the help of Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., you can incorporate your favorite aspects of the environment you love into your house in a few simple, yet stunningly aesthetic ways.

Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. offers a variety of options to blend the local environment into your home, including water features, sky tunnels, and the use of local materials during the building process. Water features, such as glass walls that use recycled water, create subtle barriers that add a chic, calming touch to any room. Sky tunnels and skylights use natural sunlight to illuminate every space, creating a cheery atmosphere that is perfect for the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. also provides the unique opportunity to use native wood for trim and doors, and regional blue stone from 100-year-old slag quarries for your porch, patio, or fireplace.

Your yard and garden can also benefit from these natural home-improvement options. Incorporating indigenous plant life into your garden as well as plants that require minimal watering (also known as “xeriscaping,”) can reduce the amount of work necessary for its upkeep, while still yielding beautiful flowers. Stop struggling with the hose or watering can as well: using rain barrels to collect the precipitation is a simple and eco-friendly way to water your plants. Plus, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., offers a variety of options for outdoor cooking and dining areas that allow you to enjoy your meals surrounded by your picturesque backyard, ultimately blending the peace of nature with the comfort of your own home.

Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. is a full-service home and remodeling company that specializes in custom, high-performance, and green home design. In 2008, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. became the first custom builder in Pike County to build a Gold Certified Green Home; since then, Ed Nikles, Jr. has earned the 1st Master Certified Green Professional (Master CGP) designation in Pennsylvania, signifying his in-depth knowledge of green building science and methods. He also recently became the 1st and only Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) in Pennsylvania. With this knowledge, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. offers clients a variety of building and remodeling options to ensure that the homes created are enjoyed for many years to come.

For more information on Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. and their services, please call their office at 1-570-296-9200.

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