When choosing to build a home, you want to feel assured that you’ll get exactly what you want, within a specified budget. Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. not only offers you 59 years of experience in custom home design and construction, but also works one-on-one with a licensed Architect on each and every home plan, so you get a truly unique home that fulfills all of your needs. Unlike other builders, who commonly pass off production and semi-custom homes as one-of-a-kind custom homes, Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. provides experience and knowledge as a promise that your home will be designed specifically to fit your property and, more importantly, your lifestyle.

Custom Home Pricing

The planning process for the construction of a new home involves the balancing of three variable conditions and one fixed condition. The fixed condition is the site itself. The cost to prepare the site for construction is dictated by the terrain, utilities (electric, water, septic, etc.), driveway length and accessibility. The three variable conditions are:

  1. Size / Complexity of Design
  2. Budget Objectives
  3. Specifications / Product Selections / Scope of Work

When planning a home, only two of these conditions can be changed from variable to fixed. The third condition must remain a variable/flexible and will be determined by the first two. For example, if the homeowner wants to determine the price and size of the house, then the specifications and selections will have to variable/flexible in order to meet the required price and size. It is not possible to specify all three conditions.

The homeowners need to choose the two variables that are most important to them. After making these required determinations, the builder and Architect will then control the third variable based on the choices of the first two. We’ll work with you to find the right Architect, and as a team, we’ll work together to create a blueprint that aligns with your ideal size, design, selections and budget.

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