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"Dear Ed, Jim, Dee, Mike and the Nikles Construction Team,
It's been over a month now since we've been in our new vacation home and we wanted to thank you for making it a special place. We love it! While we are busy making memories we want you to know that not only are we pleased with the quality workmanship and timely completion, but that we enjoyed the process despite the harshest of winters. Thank you Jim for leading us to Nikles Construction. You were a reputable builder in our community and a trusted guide. We never doubted our choice for this important project. Thank you Dee for your vital and detailed help in making so many decisions and change orders. While we had some things figured out, there were innumerable instances where we leaned on your advice and experience. We are grateful for your patience and skill. Thank you Mike for your on-site progress reports and communications. While we were hours away we got many real time photos. You were always responsive and a huge help in many areas. Thank you Ed for assembling a top notch group of professionals and sub-contractors. It became evident early on that you were a much respected firm, which is so important in terms of cooperation with plumbers, electricians, excavators, carpenters etc. We never felt like there was "down-time." Quite to the contrary, we got the feeling that tradesman respected Nikles Construction and were standing by to provide excellent service. Furthermore, we found them to be courteous, respectful and willing to go the extra mile. We felt like they approached the project as if they were building their own home. We had several change orders as construction unfolded and we were never made to feel like we were frustrating the crew or interfering with your goals of completion. For that we are grateful. It is also worth stating that we are confident we got a fair deal, which is obviously an important piece of the puzzle. We are confident you will be called on by future homebuilders in our community. We hope to see you around the lake soon!"

-John Gerbron & Lee Williamson

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the efficient and thorough way in which you handled the construction of a porch at my home in Dingman Township. The workmen were competent and did the job in a very smooth manner. I would certainly recommend your company in the future."

-Charles & Dorothea Maciejunes

"I wanted to write this letter to you months ago, however, time just seemed to have flown by.
We wanted to thank you very much for everything that you did and have done for us, we absolutely love our home and the area too. Our neighbors are very friendly and it is a perfect area for Shelby to grow up with all the children. When we started looking into the whole idea of modular houses, we were very unsure about the whole thing at first but did some research about modular houses and Avis Homes and then we talked with you, it made us feel better about our choice. We did not feel rushed when selecting our piece of property as well as selecting the layout of our home, it had to be perfect to us, and it is.
We are thankful that we chose a professional and reliable builder, because we have heard some horror stories about other builders and we were very scared. We talked with many people before and now afterwards and have heard many good things about Ed Nikles Custom Builders and we are proud to say that they were our builders.
Every time that we called with a minor problem, you always took care of it either that day or made the necessary calls for us in a timely fashion. Even when I had 40 people coming over for Shelby's Christening on Christmas Eve and we had a problem with our septic the night before, the guy came out at 8:00PM to fix it. We were very impressed.
Even with the worst winter ever, such as the Blizzard of 96, we did not have any problems with leaks, ice, etc.
We are very happy with our home and any time that you would like to show our home to any potential customer, please feel free to do so."

-John & Jennifer Bodnar

"Gary and I want to thank you and all those you have working for you. Our house is far lovelier and much better built than we ever expected. Working with you has been a pleasure. We appreciate all the time you spent with us finding out exactly what we wanted and then building it to our expectations. You have been terrific. Thanks again!"

-Gary, Yvonne & James Bigh

"We just received our house keys back and thought this would be a good opportunity to thank you for the great job you and your company did on our expansion.
As you know, our plan was to retire up here in about five years and just enjoy the expansion on weekends and vacations. Well... we like it so much that we have moved here permanently. We are still unpacking, will be taking a couple of weeks off in February and when we return, we will be job hunting!
Please keep in touch and we hope everything is going well for you."

Wendy & Bob Healey

"Wishing you and your team Happy holidays. We wanted to thank you and all your workers who did a wonderful job in building our home. Jim Weber, David Smith and Bill Gilpin did outstanding job in again making our house wonderfully placed and professionally built to our wishes.
We especially felt that Denegan Hashagen was very efficient, incredibly knowledgeable in ordering supplies, resolving problems, a pleasure to deal with.
Because of her expertise she made this experience so much easier.
We would highly recommend your company because of this positive experience. Thank you."

Randy & Lydie Dujnic

"It has been six months since my family has moved into our expanded home, and now I must take a moment to reflect upon the process and the end product.
Our addition from a small Cape Cod style home to a meandering four bedroom, two-car garage homestead is beyond fabulous. The earthy warm, brown siding with the stone work and roof peaks make it the prettiest house in town. It has class, function, and is truly ogled by every person that drives or walks past our residence.
I must officially say that Hector Baras is an outstanding architect with an insightful eye for beauty. His creativeness and intuition are the foundation of our happy life.
From the first steps of paperwork, and oh was there paperwork, to the last stone laid in the walkway, the entire staff at Ed Nikles Custom Home Builders was enthusiastically involved as if they had a personal stake in the process. Jim, Dee, and Bill we genuinely kind with many ideas and helpful hints to make decisions easier. They put themselves out on a limb whenver I asked a question or had a change in a decision.
Mr. Nikles and Ed Jr. were continually looking out for my best interest. They used their expertise to somehow steer me in the right direction when making choices with an accurate insight into knowing more about my preferences than I did. They took the time to make sure that through the entire process I was getting the best for my dollar while keeping all my wants and needs in mind. The workmanship on my home is superb.
I have remolded two other homes and built a home from the ground up. I had the best time with Nikles Custom Builder and the project was on schedule and easy due to the concise decisions and questions that were the groundwork before a nail was hit. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Laurie Miller

"Dear Ed (Sr. and Jr.), Jim, Mike, Dee, and the gang,
Holly and I are absolutely thrilled with the renovation/expansion of our house at Twin Lakes and we want to detail our delights:

  • Ed Sr., our trust in you got us started. You made us confident that, somehow, we could add additional bedrooms and a bath to our beloved home.
  • Jim, you figured out how to do it! And your vision of how to add on to our house while actually enhancing it, was above and beyond our expectations. And your advice about such things as windows and siding were ďspot on.Ē
  • Ed Jr., your knowledge of how to put Jimís plans into practice (especially your knowledge of techniques and materials) began to make our dreams come true.
  • Mike, you represented both us and the Nikles Company to the subcontractors, making sure the work was done to both of our standards (which, given the subsí history of working with the Nikles, meant they wanted to please all of us). You were accessible, informative, and gave us tremendous confidence in the process.
  • Dee, your command of details, materials, prices, contracts, and details amaze us. You are the queen of what it takes to bring a project to a fair and timely completion.
We already had a high opinion of Ed Nikles Custom Building. Itís even higher now after completion. How many other clients can say that about their builders!"

Mike and Holly Carlson


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