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What are some choices Ed Nikles can offer me for my dream of owning a “green” home?

  1. Durable roof coverings and reflective roof coverings
  2. Energy efficient windows with Low-E double or triple pane glass
  3. Vinyl Siding or Cement Board Siding for low maintenance
  4. Increasing the amount and R-value of insulation throughout
  5. Incorporating passive solar design features, like south facing windows
  6. Xeriscaping, or using native plants to reduce the need for herbicides and watering
  7. Oriented Strand Board, an engineered wood product that doesn’t require large trees for its manufacture
  8. Tree preservation where possible
  9. New low volume flush toilets, and advanced low flow shower and sink faucet aerators
  10. Recycled plastic lumber for decking, and wood composite materials
  11. Energy efficient appliances
  12. Factory-built components such as trusses and prehung doors
  13. Low VOC carpets, laminates that mimic hardwood, and linoleum
  14. Well-insulated pre-cast concrete foundations
  15. Energy efficient, properly sized heating, cooling, and water-heating equipment
  16. Covered entries at exterior doors
  17. Low maintenance exterior finishes on trim and overhangs
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