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Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. & Nikles Realty | What is Building Green?

In today’s world, it seems like everybody is at least talking about “going green.” Yet how can you be satisfied that the builder is knowledgeable about green building principles and products you choose are truly green? How can you determine if your new home will really save you measurable amounts energy and money throughout the years? You can start with a few questions.

How can you trust that your builder is familiar with green building practices and that your project will actually be built to green standards?

There are three areas on which you should question your builder:

  1. Education
    Are they Certified Green Professionals?
    With Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., Ed Sr., Ed Jr., and Jim Weber all are Green Certified Professionals, and have been adding green elements to houses for over 30 years- long before “going green” came into style.

    Are they Master Certified Green Professionals?
    Edward D. Nikles is the first of only two builders in Pennsylvania to have successfully completed all of the requirements for this designation from NAHB.

    Are they L.E.E.D. AP’s (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals)?
    Hector Baras, with V.Baras Architects PC, who is the lead architect for Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc., is the only LEED AP certified professional in the Pike County area who consults with us on all our green projects.
  2. Verification:
    Are their homes tested and verified as energy-efficient by a third-party, such as Pete Vargo from Nu-Tech Energy Solutions, the third party verifier for Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc.?
  3. Certification:
    Are they certified by the NAHB Research Center National Green Building Program, Energy Star, Builders Challenge, or EPA Indoor airPlus?
    To view Ed Nikles Certifications and Awards, click here. To view the Ed Nikles High Performance Halls of Fame, click here.

What constitutes a certified “Green Home”?

In order for a home to be declared “green” by the National Green Building Standard™, it must meet six requirements:

  1. Lot Design, Preparation, & Development: Resource-efficient site design and development practices help leave a light footprint on the earth.
  2. Resource Efficiency: Recycled materials, waste management, and durable construction work together to ensure more resources are efficiently utilized and less are destined for landfills.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Appliances, insulation, windows, and heating and air conditioning combine to save you energy, and more importantly, measurable amounts of money on your utility bills.
  4. Water Efficiency: A “green” home is built to conserve water, both inside and out.
  5. Indoor Environmental Air Quality: Proper ventilation promises cleaner indoor air and products that don’t off-gas.
  6. Homeowner Education: Knowing how to operate and maintain your green home is as critical as getting it built correctly. Ed Nikles Custom Builder, Inc. & Nikles Realty | National Custom Home Builder of the Year NAHB 2008-2009